In this initial chapter we include a set of instructions on how to get you started with Mividas products and tools.

First, you will need to preform a platform deployment. Second, you will need deploy the Mividas Installer tool. Please see links below for furter information on each step.

After this initial work is done you can proceed to installing selected products through Mividas Installer.

Mividas offering

The Mividas product suite consits of the following tools/products:

  • Mividas Installer – installer tool for installation of selected product
  • Mividas Core – video bridge management (Cisco/Pexip)
  • Mividas Rooms – video endpoint management for Cisco/Webex room systems and powerful facility managament features (future release)
  • Mividas Debug – debugging tool for Mividas Core
  • Mividas Insight – powerful analytics engine for reporting (future release)

And also include the following additional components:

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